About us

Our purpose is to create fertile ground for new thinking about how organisations can overcome the barriers to achieving peak performance. Built around a portfolio of unique events, we provide our clients with the knowledge, inspiration and leadership skills needed to excel in a changing environment.

Our diverse portfolio of conferences and training products cater to the needs of a variety of industries and professional disciplines. We work with leaders and professionals in the:

  • Education Sector
  • Corporate / Private Sector
  • Government / Public Sector
  • Not-for-Profit / Community Sector

Our unique events provide our clients with the opportunity to share experiences and exchange ideas with regard to leading change and performance improvement in a dynamic, and often disrupted, business environment. The event experience provides an opportunity to learn and network as participants collectively consider solutions to problems and consider pathways to a more productive future. This powerful process allows participants to consider previously unseen alternatives, refine their approach and commit to actions that will enhance their performance to better serve clients and stakeholders.

Pure and Simple… To be the Leading Professional Development Company

To create conferences, workshops, seminars and networking events that stimulate the growth and enhanced performance of people and organizations.

  • Customer Focus:
    We are committed to developing timely, interactive and relevant events that are needed and new. We focus on developing the practical skills and insight that professionals need to confront the challenges of a changing business environment.
  • Integrity:
    At all times we will act with honesty, openness and professionalism in our dealings with clients.
  • Quality:
    We ensure that our products are high in quality and provide value for money. We accept that the ongoing trust and loyalty of our customers is dependent on our ability to deliver value.
  • Innovation:
    We approach all of our work with energy, imagination and enthusiasm. The needs of our customers are ever-changing, therefore we never stop evolving. To lead from the front, we constantly ask ourselves “what if”, and “why not?”
  • Teamwork:
    Working as a supportive team toward a common goal we can achieve outstanding results. We celebrate our wins as a team and share in the rewards.
  • Performance:
    We demand individual commitment and performance. We aim to foster a performance culture by finding alignment between our staff goals, rewards and our longer term business goals. High performance = high reward.
  • Challenge:
    We set ourselves ambitious goals and work hard to achieve them. Our people are performance oriented, resilient and accountable for their contribution to the success of the business.
  • Fun:
    Where there is fun, there is creativity and growth. In the seriousness and high pressured reality of corporate life it is easy to forget this and get caught in a whirlpool. We foster a fun work environment and aim for balance.